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The masonry work for the construction of new buildings, additions to existing buildings, or alterations which convert the property to another use or extends the economic life of the improvement, is reassessed, establishing a new base year value for only that portion of the property.

Complete Restoration

Having an existing unit and taking it back to its original state by means of masonry replacement and/or cleaning. We can offer a sound advice on your project, help you choose right materials, design elements and make a smooth transition to the rest of the building. We will build any new exterior or interior elevations, relocate openings, rebuild and reinforce walls and more.

 Lintel & Beam Replacement

Due to the improper building practices steel lintels may start rusting and causing further problems to the walls. To prevent costly wall repairs we can replace defective steel pieces with new ones that come primed, painted, with proper flashings and drainage.

 Chimney Repair

Every chimney should be finished with a concrete or metal cap, to protect it from the elements. If properly installed, a concrete cap should have an overhanging edge to provide protective covering for the masonry work beneath it. The top of the cap should have a built-in pitch to allow water to drip down. A lack of such protection will significantly speed up the deterioration of masonry work on your chimney.

 Parapet Wall Rebuild

There are many materials used to finish the brick walls, but the most common ones are clay and limestone copings. The copings are used in order to prevent water penetration. The underlying causes of the parapet's failure are deterioration, imperfection and false copings installation. You must act now to make sure that your house walls are property protected so that they could serve you long and even longer.

 Grinding & Tuckpionting

Grinding is the process of removing old mortar joints using a grinder (hand operated power tool), usually equipped with a diamond tipped blade. This work is required when old mortar joints are washed out or defective. Grinding provides space for new mortar to be applied.

 Power Washing

Pressure washing is a key element in maintaining and restoring the beauty of your home and business. At Luke Masonry Corporation, we provide the highest quality services for your dollars spent. We use only the highest caliber pressure washing equipment and cleaning chemicals.

 Chemical Cleaning

A chemical cleaning system that is a safe, tested, proven, and guaranteed method to clean building masonry surfaces both interior and exterior. Restoration and preservation are key words. Architects and contractors are aware of the importance of the proper techniques for restoring buildings with chemicals.

 Sand Blasting

Sand blasting brickwork is an ideal way of removing old paint coatings. It is also ideal for cleaning up new-builds constructed with reclaimed bricks. Older buildings that have had a newer extension added can be sandblasted to enable the old areas to blend in with the new part of the building.

 Sealant & Caulking

One of the most common maintenance items on a building is caulking. A building cannot be waterproof or energy-efficient without maintenance of caulked joints. This includes metal to masonry, metal to metal, metal to glass, masonry to masonry as well as joints with wood on one or both sides. Building control joints, expansion joints, surface-mounted counter flashing joints and more need to be checked and maintained regularly.


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